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Growing up in Greenwich Village, NYC, I then went on to get a degree in Fashion Merchandising. After graduation I spent several years working for high end retailers and manufacturers before becoming a photo stylist for a group of photographers in NYC. My job was developing feeling and layout, then acquiring the props to achieve that goal. Over the years I tried painting in oils, acrylics and watercolors. During my search for the right artistic fit, I spent many years working on the wheel creating pottery. I couldn't find the colors in the glazes I needed to express myself. Finally after taking courses in many different mediums I found my calling in fused glass. In the beginning I read every book I could find, but they seem to tell me what wasn't possible. If I don't know I can't do, I will try to push the envelop and create outside of the norm. Success is possible when you don't know what you can't achieve.


My husband, Larry, and I work together to achieve my artist vision. He handles the cold work of cutting, grinding, polishing and assembly while I work the concepts, designs and colors. Every time we step into the studio we feel the excitement and the challenge to find a new direction and ways to realize our vision. We can be found most days working together while our Poodle, KC, gives us artistic suggestions. Sometimes we even listen.


Our art glass has been sold throughout the United States and many foreign countries. We have created custom designs for senior members of the US cabinet as well as sold pieces to our Governor for presentation to the Premier of Alberta.